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The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

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Discover the multiple benefits of booking airport transfers in Mallorca

Airport transfers in Mallorca

Make your life easy - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

Airport transfers in Mallorca are the solution to all your travel doubts.

You don't know if you want to drive, not sure where the hotel or villa is, travelling with lots of luggage or young children, travelling at unsociable hours, don't speak Spanish...? These are the things we most often hear from our clients. Perfectly reasonable doubts and worries about travelling on holiday in Mallorca.

This is your holiday after all and you want it to start the minute you land, not several hours and many wrong turnings later. You want to make your life easy and enjoy your holidays to the max, and this is why most people choose airport transfers in Mallorca.

Avoid stress and worry - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

And not only are airport transfers in Mallorca going to make your life easier, but they can avoid you a whole load of unnecessary stress and worry. No one wants to rent a car and drive when they are tired, after a long flight with several grumpy young children in tow. It is hugely stressful and dangerous. And then there is the question of collecting the car, finding your way out of the airport, onto the right road... finding parking on the other end. 

No queues - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

When you land at Palma de Mallorca airport you can either stand in a queue for the bus, or stand in a queue for the rental car company to get your car. OR you can simply walk through the arrivals gate and be met by your driver, escorted to your airport transfer car and driven directly to your destination.

Most people rent a car while on holiday in the belief they will need to move around the island. But the reality is that unless you are staying in a very remote villa, you won't really need a car at all. And if your holidays in Mallorca are during the peak and very busy summer months of July and August, you are better off avoiding the roads altogether. 

Your car waiting for you at airport - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

So, with your personal driver waiting at the airport when you arrive, you don't need to worry about delays or anything at all. Whatever time you arrive, day or night, and however delayed you may be, our drivers will be waiting for you, and they will do the same on your return journey, guaranteeing that you are at the airport on time. 

Save time - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

Holidays are precious after all and they tend to fly by. You want to make the most of your free time in Mallorca and not waste a minute dealing with anything as tiresome as traffic, petrol stations, finding the route, parking, etc. With airport transfers in Mallorca you can begin to relax and enjoy all your free holiday time from the moment you exit the airport doors.

No language barriers - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

Landing in a new country and dealing in a strange language can be a bit daunting, especially when you are tired. Our drivers speak English fluently and can help and advice on anything you may require, and besides, as you are going to be driven to a previously booked destination in Mallorca, you aren't even required to speak at all.

Safe journey - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

Our drivers are experienced and certified, with a thorough knowledge of the island's road network and traffic conditions, thus guaranteeing you have a safe and comfortable journey. They will already know where you want to be taken and transport you by the fastest and safest route.

Easy booking - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

This is the easiest airport transfer option for any journey on the island. Just pre book your airport transfers in Mallorca online, telling us your flight number and arrival time and we will be waiting for you at the gate. Any extra requirements, like child seats, more luggage room or bike transfers can be reserved in advance and all you have to do is get here and pay the driver directly.

Driver waits even if your flight is delayed - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

It doesn't matter how late you are, our drivers will wait. You on the other hand will never wait for us. This is our company policy and we take it extremely seriously: there will be no waiting on your end.

No hidden costs - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

When you book your airport transfers in Mallorca online we will send you a quote so you know exactly how much you are going to be paying. There are no hidden costs and besides, as you will pay your driver directly at the end of your journey, it is all completely transparent.

Customer care - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

You will also be given a local number direct to our English speaking customer service team who will be at your disposal 24/7 for any changes or doubt that may arise. 

Packages to suit your budget - The benefits of airport transfers in Mallorca

Our airport transfers in Mallorca offer a selection of transport services to and from Palma de Mallorca airport and all over the island. We provide cars, vans, minibuses and coaches for up to 55 people, cycling transfers to carry a team worth of bikes, child seats and room for extra luggage. Be certain to specify exactly what your needs and requirements are and we will make sure they are met.