Mallorca Holiday Transfers | Spring Breaks

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Mallorca Holiday Transfers - Spring Breaks


Come and celebrate the easter holy week on an island in the Mediterranean!


Spring has almost started in Mallorca. Some days it feels like the summer is on its wat... others that the winter will never end. But Spring comes early in the Balearics, first we have the almond blossom in January and then the chilly blue skies of February. And March brings sunshine, with increasingly warm days and cold nights.


Easter Holidays 2020 in Mallorca


This year's easter week falls rather late in the calendar, with Good Friday on April 10th and Easter Sunday on April 12th. Therefore, March remains pre-season and that means prices for holidays in March will be at bargain rates, as hoteliers and villa rental companies vie to woo you over to their island paradise. And you will find that it is not only the accommodation that is cheaper at this time of year, but everything, from airport transfers and taxis, car hire and flights are also offered at discounted prices in Spring.


Average Spring Temperatures in Mallorca for March and April 2020


As you can see in the table below, temperatures start to creep up throughout March, and by the end of the month they have usually reached around 18º C, which is comfortably warm, and remain there right through April. This is perfect weather for practicing sports and spending time outdoors. Not quite hot enough to sunbathe or swim in the sea. Or at least not for the locals! If you hail from northern Europe, the UK or somewhere even colder, then you will probably find that the Spring climate in Mallorca is delightfully balmy at this time of year.


Mallorca Holiday Transfers - Spring Breaks

Spring School Holidays in Mallorca


For parents and families with children, this is the first long school holiday break of the year - the Spring break, and a chance to get away. It is also a better climate for fair young children, the elderly, and sportsmen and women looking to train outdoors. The Summer heat is just too much for many people and they are increasingly opting for Spring and Autumn breaks in Mallorca instead.

Families travelling with lots of baggage and children and staying in a hotel in Mallorca often choose to be collected at the airport by a private airport transfer company and this way avoid long queues, traffic, driving in unknown territory and ensuring they arrive safely and speedily to their destination. 


Cycling in Mallorca this Spring break


Ever since the Sky Team began choosing Mallorca for their winter camps and Bradley Wiggins moved over to train on the island, calling it: “A scalextric set for cyclists”, cycling has become a hugely popular sport. And with its popularity there has been a surge in sport-specific services, cycling-friendly hotels, bike hire, cycling guides, and cycling transfer services made available to the ever sofisticated cycling tourists.


Mallorca Holiday Transfers - Spring Breaks




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