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The domain is owned by Autocares Devesa, S.L., CIF B08359606 with domicile in C/ Fuster, 36 A -07460- Pollensa (Mallorca) – (Balearic Islands) info@mallorcaholidaytransfers.com

These legal instructions regulate the terms of use of said domain. The use of the website as well as the services offered therein by Autocares Devesa, S.L. are subordinated to the following regulations. This under caveat of necessary alterations or revocations of specific services contained therein.

· By the mere use of the portal , as well as the acceptance of offers of products and services contained therein, the user declares his unreserved acceptance of these general conditions.

· The user obligates himself not to use this e-portal in offense against Law and Public Order and to observe the General Terms and Conditions. He will be liable for incorrect of false entries and for providing information and/or data concerning third parties without their explicit and formal approbation.

In case of legal misuse or infringement of the General Terms and Conditions this website is entitled to refuse without previous notice total or partial access.

· Autocares Devesa, S.L., through the website claims to exclusively render services a transport online-reservations agents.

· Online reservations should be made in advance with the time indicated in each case, the default more than 24 hours … for bookings with less time should be contacted directly with Autocares Devesa, S.L.

· Exclusive transportation can be reserved with Autocares Devesa, S.L. via the “book now” section,

· As payment methods Autocares Devesa, S.L. accepts both credit cards and PayPal transactions. Please note that Autocares Devesa, S.L. is entitled to change, at any time, the amount due as confirmation-deposits for reservations.

· Payments are made online while the reservation is being confirmed except for registered corporations whom Autocares Devesa, S.L. has granted credit.

· Transfers with AUTOCARES DEVESA S.L are NON – transferable and NON -refundable. We reserve the right to offer future discounts, credits or other considerations in select circumstances at our sole discretion. Please note that each circumstance is unique and an election to make such an offer in one instance does not create the obligation to do so in another.

· In accordance with the Data Protection Law (Ley Orgánica 15/1999) all personal data submitted by the user will be stored manually or electronically by Autocares Devesa, S.L.. Devesa, S.L. is entitled to use said information as necessary aid to materialise the service requested and to respond to all information requested.

Autocares Devesa, S.L. guarantees the right to access, of rectification, of revocation and of objection in writing to following address: C/ Polígono Industrial 07400. Alcudia (Mallorca) – (Balearic Islands).

Please note that at the very moment of confirmation your personal data will be forwarded to service providers involved in the execution of your transfer. This may generate international data transfers. Said data transfers follow the sole purpose of implementation of your mandate.

The data owner is conscious of this professionally in both secrety and security handled data transfer. The time period required to obtain, handle and forward this personal data expires at completion of your transfer.

Autocares Devesa, S.L. obliges itself to assume responsability for the professional handling and confidentiality of your personal data. It also provides organisational and technical support due to impede violations like alteration, loss, processing or to gain access to this data in accordante with the Data Protection Law “Ley Orgánica 15/1999” and other supplementary prescriptions.

· The person concerned is fully liable for the veracity of the data submitted. In offence to this Autocares Devesa, S.L. reserves its right to refuse service and to initiate legal steps in accordance.

· Autocares Devesa, S.L. will not be responsible for data transmission errors like deletion, crippled data or technical delays. An errorless and continous operativity of the net systems can also not be guaranteed. Despite of modern counteractive nmesures third parties may criminally access the website and eventually initiate contamination.

Autocares Devesa, S.L. has complied with all legal compulsory measures to protect all data provided by the users. However Autocares Devesa, S.L. can not guarantee the absolute inviolability of data being transmitted while using the website.

· Autocares Devesa, S.L. reserves the right to end rendering any of the services offered in the website by announcing it on the homepage 15 days in advance. It also reserves the right to alter unilaterally, at any time and without previous announcement the appearance and usage conditions of its site as well as the services contained therein and their usage conditions.

· Autocares Devesa, S.L. may at any time make modifications in the General Terms and Conditions or introduce modifications in its website and its usage conditions or services offered therein. These modifications will not be retroactive.

· The full content and the intellectual properties like designs, trade marks, photographies, etc. contained in the website are protected by intellectual property righs and other legal provisions in favour of the website and all other property right holders.

The website can not guarantee the faultlessness of the content nor can it protect the right of third parties in its free usage. Missuse and offensive content is subject to the sole responsibility of the user.

It is prohibited to copy, to modify, to distribute, to publish or commercially exploit any of the content, the software, the products and services of this web. This prohibition includes to obtain remuneration by publishing this website through any media.

· Autocares Devesa, S.L. may place links to third parties in its website. Such sites are at no time being monitored nor controlled by the website. Hence Autocares Devesa, S.L.. refuses liability for any offence to privacy or use/misuse of personal data entered in these foreign sites.

Autocares Devesa, S.L. recommends to thoroughly read both the General Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy of these sites.

· A link to this website, if of interest, may be established. To activate such link a formal approval is mandatory. Autocares Devesa, S.L. reserves its right to deny the activation of links to its sites.

· Autocares Devesa, S.L. aims to prevent the publication on its website of information or content that includes physical or psychological violence or that may offend the sensibilities of users in any of its forms or expressions.

Autocares Devesa, S.L. holds no liability for the content of its web to conform with law and order of other countries. If the user considers some of the content of this website to offend legality in his native legal environment Autocares Devesa, S.L. encourages him to abandon the site and refrain from accessing again. If the user determines to remain in the e-portal or to accessing it again, this would occur under his own responsibility.

· The website exerts itself to monitor the content in order to avoid information errors. Should such an error turn up corrections would be made in the shortest possible term.
The contracting parties explicitly accept the Spanish legislation to support this contract and the jurisdiction of Palma de Mallorca in renouncement of any other.

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